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About Us

Welcome to Collective Gen, overalls that are made for makers and made for those who like to be creative, no matter what they’re doing. 

Created by Geneva Vanderzeil, one of the world’s most recognisable DIYers, we understand that creativity isn't confined to the studio, it's a way of life.  That's why our designs empower you to express your creativity and style in every aspect of your life, from the workshop to the world beyond.

It all started with a vision—to create workwear that's not just practical and comfortable but also a canvas for your creativity. From selecting the perfect recycled canvas fabric to adding functional details and ensuring a flattering fit, every step of the process has been a labor of love. 

Our commitment lies in offering functionally designed clothing that stands the test of time, crafted from premium recycled cotton that feels luxurious and is environmentally responsible. Emphasising classic forms and a curated palette of neutral and earthy tones, each piece is seasonless and infinitely wearable. 

Our overalls invite you to unleash your creativity in every stitch and brushstroke and our designs empower you to express yourself freely in any setting. 


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